Phenom - died after first sample run?

Help, brand new Phenom, set it up to all the instructions, printed the sample and all went great, then once removed the USB to load a new print and the USB will not show up on the printer or my computer and the printer will turn itself off and on. Did get a white screen. what happened???

ok, does the original USB stick read if you put it into your PC? Can you try a different USB stick to slice an object to and see if the phenom can read that?

The USB will not show up on my computer and when I tried a new one the printer will not read it either.

for the newer USB you tried, was there a model already sliced on it ? Or is there an error on the screen when you put the USB in?

Brand new USB, I down loaded a new model on it and tried it, no luck, nothing shows up on the printer

this is going to sound like a stupid question, but the model was sliced correct? it should have the CBDDLP file extention on it .

Yes, I even loaded the sample model and it will not show up as it did before…

ok do this please… Send an email to and include a photo of what is on the screen when the USB is showing (even if its blank). and I will ask the developers to take a look to see what it could be. I can speculate, but I am not 100% certain so I would like to consult with them.

Nothing shows on the print screen, the USB doesn’t show up at all. Emailed support, thanks!

Something to check on the new USB, make sure it is formatted with FAT32.

I understand that you used a new USB stick with teh same results… but by chance did you try to reformat the new USB drive? If not can you, and if so, I am guessing you got the same results?

Yes the same results…

ok can you please empty out the printer, flip it on its back and check the USB connection from the board to the USB slot… You can see the connection listed here. Check that for me and let me know please

Done, all 3 lights are on, all connection seem tight. It seems that when the USB in put in is when it locks up and turns off then back on.

ok and did you order the printer through us directly or through a reseller?

Direct from you no reseller

ok I will have the developers follow up with you via the email you have sent in.

Hello, I have not heard form anyone yet?

yes I understand, but I am waiting for an update on the factory to see if its opened and then whatever the answer will be, we wil take a look at this and see what can be done.

So it has been over 30 days and no help no working printer, I understand the virus has effected this yet I have other products and items form China that has come through. Since this is still a new printer that doesn’t work I would like to return it for a full refund.