Phenom Change FEP Film

How often do you need to change the FEP Film on the Phenom I’m noticing a lot more pull when the plate rises.

The pull could just be the amount of stuff you have on the plate, a good tell for replacing FEP is generally when you start getting failed prints from it, check if it’s becoming too cloudy to get decent prints. Replacement time in that case.

I have about 70 hours on the printer. Out of the blue all my prints are failing. I have checked the settings nothing has changed . I cleaned the vat and build plate and screen. ( I ave done this process after evey 6-7 prints. The film looks not bad but I have noting to gauge it by.

Taking a pic with a black background would probably give some idea. New FEP is just clear.

Out of curiosity have you been filtering your resin when taking it out of the vat and have you re-leveled the machine recently?

I filter the resin when i take it out and when i put it back just to be sure. i don t do that with a new bottle
I have only leveled the machine once. I re level I have taken the level down about 5 thou from its original settings

If I have to re level how do i start I have taken it down 5 thou from it original settings.

I imagine there is a guide on the wiki or forums, though my only experience with leveling MSLA machines was with my photon.

I know I used to have to level it after a few prints before, though I haven’t had to level it in a while now, perhaps I’ve gotten better at no knocking the level off when removing prints.

Hopefully peopoly will chime in if they have any advice.

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Unfortunately there is not a set time… like after X amount of prints, or X amount of time since it depends on the size of the models, the settings and how many times you print that model.

Some good practices is if you are printing the same models repeatedly, slice up a few different build plates and rotate the models in different orientations so its not the same after each print.

I have had this machine for 2 months now.It was printing perfect untill last week now I cant get a good print.
1 I re-zeroed the machine
2 Replace the Film
3 the setting have mot changed

The resin I have been using is Poly Juice . I have printed 20 or more prints with this material with no issues. All of a sudden I can not get a good print.


Here are the prints

If it’s the same or similar model, move it off to the side and try printing again. If you always print in the center, you’ll wear the center down first. I move my prints around on every print. Also, as noted, filter your resin and inspect the FEP.

If your object is flat, try printing it without supports. I do this all the time and my prints pop right off.

Thank you
I do move my prints around
I do filter my resin
I have just changed the FEP
I have printed on the plate
I just now the printer is not working for some reason

If all was working well before a fep sheet change, and now its not working well, then it could be the installation of the feb. Is there enough tension placed on the screen?
you could use this as a reference.

you misunderstood my response. it was not working that is why i changed the film.
its still the same. The film tension is good.