Phenom calibration pattern on LCD


I’m new to Phenom. I’ve done a calibration test, and just want to make sure
that this is ok.

when I did calibration, mine shows random pattern like below, whereas touch screen and user manual shows simple rectangle.

is this normal?


Sorry to hear your question, peopoly technical team will help you, please check if the connection between the screen and the screen is loose, this is the screen manual

If the above check still fails to display normally, please contact us via email so that peopoly can follow up in time. Thank you


I think the problem was firmware. As soon as I installed 2.11 FW. the calibration rectangle appears.
It seems like FW 2.08 might have a issue or I did something wrong when I installed 2.08.

I will try my first print with Phenom again. hope it goes well.

Thank you!