Phenom Build plate is off center

If I loosen the screws to level the build plate, it will actually hang over the front wall of the resin vat. I have to use a bit of pressure when tightening the screws to keep it from bumping into the vat. So it’s basically off center from the vat/screen location. I think it should still work if I’m really careful, but I wanted to point out how mine looks.

The first time I tried lowering the plate, it actually hit the vat wall on one end and smashed into the screen on the other side. It was quite loud.

After leveling the build plate and tightening the screws, there’s only room for maybe a sheet of paper between the plate and the resin vat in the front:

Here’s an image showing that the vat looks centered on the screen:

Top-down view over the entire build plate when in place (the set screws for leveling the plate are loose in this photo):

I also forgot to mention that the two screws that hold down the vat are also lined up with the holes. I assume if I don’t put the vat set screws into the holes, I can at least move the vat so it’s centered with the build plate. I’m not sure how that would affect the peeling movement between layers though.

to help determine if its the bed or the vat please do the following.
With a caliper, please measure the vat, where the bolt holes are at… from the bottom of the hole to the front outer edge of the VAT.

remove the vat, and carefully peel back the tape on the front of the LCD cover. lower the vat till its close to the LCD screen. and use the LCD edge as a reference and see if the front edge of the build platform is lined up.

If you could please do that and let us know the results as it will see what the issue is… It could be a few things, and this will help us narrow down the issue.

Here’s the first one. I measured 105.17 millimeters.

Is this what you wanted to see for the second? This is with the vat pushed back toward the z-axis hardware.

close :slight_smile: I would need to see the measurements in both sides of the holes on the vat… for the second part… it was to remove the vat completely… so its just the LCD and the bed plate and lower the plate close to the bed, it does not need to have contact with the LCD and then look at the front edge of the build plate and the edge of the LCD and see if they are lined up or if it is crooked

I took some photos this morning. Sorry it took so long to post them. I think overall the vat is pretty lined up parallel with the LCD screen, but it’s just mounted way out on one side of it.

So from the first one, it was 105.17mm from the hole to the right front edge of the vat. Here’s the one on the left side to the front (104.84mm)

From the build plate to the z-axis hardware, when the build plate is about 1mm above the screen, it’s a 32.89mm gap:

From the front of the build plate to the edge of the tape, which runs very close to parallel to the build plate, it’s 10.13mm.

If the arm to the build plate were shorter it would work just fine. Or if the screws that attach the arm to the build plate were offset by a bit, it could work.

With the gap between the screws that hold the vat down and the holes the screws fit into, it’s enough wiggle room that if I push the vat toward the back, the build plate will definitely hit the vat wall without any problem. I did manage to get a nice test print in this weekend however, but I had to be really careful about how it’s set up so it wouldn’t damage the printer.

And besides the build plate issue, it was also shipped without a functioning ethernet port and LCD screen, but at least the screen is working now.

Thanks for the photos and measurements. For what I said before, I wanted to see also if the build plate was parallel to the LCD to make sure that was not skewed and had asked for a photo to see that.

I will consult with Mark about this to see what can be done for you, There will be a delay due to the current situation that is going on over in China so please give us some extra time please.

The build plate overlaps the LCD panel on the side closest to the front door. In the back, the build plate leaves some of the LCD panel exposed. With the lighting I have available in the room, it’s difficult to get accurate photos/measurements. With the caliper, I estimate there’s about 10.84 mm from the back edge of the build plate to the back edge of the LCD screen on either side (including the electronics in that side of the screen). So the build plate is parallel to the screen, but it overlaps it on just one side instead of being centered over the usable part of it.


Any updates to this?

The arm that holds the build plate keeps it 92.26 millimeters away from the back of the arm. If you can give me one where that distance is exactly 6.35 millimeters (.25 inches) shorter, that would resolve the issue.

Its been 2.5 months since I had a reply about this. Shall I send some more measurements or would you like a video where the build plate crashes into the resin vat on the way down? I’d really like to start using this without worrying about it breaking itself. I already dealt with two other problems with this printer.

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