Phenom 3rd Party Resins

Has any one used any 3rd party resin with the Phenom?
like to know which ones work and with what settings.

I know some siraya tech resin works. I have used the flexible Tenacious with no problem. and I am testing the Fast from them also, seems to be working at both 50 and 100 micron layers so far.

In case you haven’t seen it, there are suggested settings for some resins here: Resin Exposure

Edit: Never mind. Those are for the Moai not the Phenom.

Tried Monocure dental beige - formulated for DLP’s. Had no luck getting stuff to stick to the build plate, even at 60 seconds of initial layer cure times. Shrug.

I’ve been using my Phenom around the clock for 2 weeks now, without a single failed print.

I’m using Siraya Tech Fast Grey and I downloaded their profile from their website. I’m using the default setting. Since the prints are perfect and the resolution is incredible, I haven’t messed with the settings.

Photo of a Phenom printed map in a silicon mold jig, 12" wide, 15" tall, 1/2" deep. Hallowed to 2mm with a couple big holes poked in the back. No supports.

Loos great you printed that flat?

Standing up, and slightly rotated so I could get it to fit in the build volume, but still be 12" wide. The thickness of the map was just enough to hold onto the build plate. It snapped off the build plate with just a slight push. I’ve done a lot of these kind of things over the past couple weeks, and so far non of them have pulled off the plate.

Photo below is an animal track, the grey is the resin, the brown is monster clay. The bottom is the silicon mold result, ready for resin casting. Next image is the cold cast bronze resin print.

These 3D prints are 12" long, 6" wide and 1/2" deep.



Looks great. I have been printing with this machine for 3 weeks now no issues.

Has anyone used the Sirayatech Blu clear resin? I’m having a bit of trouble with it. The supports are not building correctly.