Phenom 1 Year review

I have had the Phenom now for just a year. Hear are my thoughts
This printer is unreliable at best about 30 percent of prints succeeded.
I Only use Peopoly Deft Resin.
I have changed the print film 3 times due to leaking vat. (it still leaks.)
Wasted Hundreds of dollars in resin.
Have tired to do everything correctly. by keeping the machine very clean and only use 99.9 percent alcohol.
Re leveled the machine countless times.
keep the printing room temp 23-25 deg.
Shake the resin well before pouring.
software upgrade done.
But yet you start a print a pray it will turn out.
If you want a machine that works even most times this is not for you.

If some one can give me advice that would make this printer better would be grateful.

Hi @HHC, unfortunately I don’t have exactly the same printer like you, but I understand that you have some quality problem like failing prints, or something like this!
I have the moai 130 sla printer but with exactly you same problem, prints are failing.
Now I and peopoly support are working on this post to solve the problem, try to look if maybe following the same step on you printer can be the solution for you too, link:

I am still working now on this post, so the problem at the moment is not solved, but in these few days try to check sometimes what we are writing.

I see a wery beautiful new Slicer called “Lychee Slicer”, that have you printer registered in. And have some cool features like Island detector, automatic support, automatic positioning.
Download link here:

Is free, don’t worry!
Try it, maybe can help you to solve some problems.

If I’m not wrong you printer is an LCD UV printer, did you do the exposure calibration?
Failing prints can be caused from these problems:

  • bad first layer exposure settings.
  • bad exposure settings on all the other layers.
  • too less supports.
  • too fine supports.

You say that have leveled a countless time the machine, but you don’t say if you have the correct UV exposure time!
You can level the printer how many time you want, but if the exposure is incorrekt, the causes are wery similar like you description.
Let me know.
The best regards.

Thank you for your replay
Yes the printers are very different the process is no the same.
Peopoly recommends using Chitubox Slicer for my printer. it has the exposure settings built right in.
I always use heavy supports and at least 50% supports. I also add where needed.
I use Peopoly’s recommend exposure settings. (which should work since they built the machine and its there resin).
If you build printer you should know for sure which setting should work all the time with your equipment.
I’m getting failed prints with no rime or reason

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hi there. can you share more details about your resins/print settings with us. We believe we can get your success rate higher than 30%. if you don’t want to do it in public, you can always email us at support.

As stated above.
Using only your Daft Resin
and using your print setting Phenom%20settings%201

Ok What is the email . telling me to email you at support does not help.
You do not follow up on people having trouble with your product.
The vat on my machine has leaked resin on to the screen from the day I bought it.
I have changed the FEP film 4 times in one year. And every time it leaks even more, the machine is unusable. Are you going to tell me how to fix this ? Lets see how long it takes to get a replay.

You can contact via email