PeoPoly vs FormLabs Resin


I am new to resin based 3D printing. I am technically knowledgeable and love the idea of the PeoPoly printer and the open source concept especially with resins.

I was very close to committing to the From 2 when I found PeoPoly. Yes, I was thinking turnkey operation as I am somewhat busy, but I am busy creating and building machinery so this is up my line. In short, I think I will go with Peopoly over Formlabs as the future seems clearer for PeoPoly in terms of experimentation, updating and not being bound by the handcuffs something like a From2 would in terms of using their resins, etc.

I requested a sample part from FormLabs illustrating a tough part, they sent me what they called a bracket (I believe). I was VERY impressed. From what I gather this has a lot to do with the resin.

SO, my question is, has anyone used a resin PeoPoly or other where after post processing they are able to create a robust, hard, nice finished part that could be used vis a vis only being a physical prototype? I understand things are evolving and likely in time, it will be available if not already.

Also, FormLabs talks about making “molds” for very short run plastic mold injection prototypes, again, are there resins available that the PeoPoly could use that would stand up to higher temps?

I hope someone will take the time to try and understand my question(s) above and advise or point me in the right direction.

To clarify, I like the DIY aspect of PeoPoly and have technical ability to deal with it. FormLabs is nice turnkey, but if with some work/experimentation am I incorrect in assuming that one will be able to achieve similar results as Form2 with the Moai?

Thank you


hi Leschyna?

We have had users who polished the resin (clear) to a point such that it becomes a mangiying glass element. So it is very easy to polish. Many pro users also use a bit of vanishing to bring out the best colors.

As for short run mold. We have users who used vulcanized rubber process to create highly detailed mold that can handle small batch of production but not that I know any users who print molds directly for production. If needed, you could also use Formlabs resin on Peopoly and vice versa.