Peopoly UV Green + Heat Set metal Inserts = no bueno


Just sharing something I found when working on a part I made with Peopoly UV Green resin. I was trying to use heat-set metal inserts for more secure screw attachment points. Unfortunately, the resin never seems to melt with heat. Instead it burns.

The inserts are installed with a special soldering iron tip. The tip heats the metal insert which is supposed to melt the plastic and allow you to push the metal insert into the plastic.

They’re great for some plastics. Apparently not so great for the acrylic based stuff. Live and learn, I suppose.

Here’s the inserts I’m talking about:


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I’ve never tried melting this resin, but I found that it will soften considerably with the heat from a standard hair dryer, probably around 90 to 95C. You might be able to get it to soften enough to press-fit those inserts.



resins are not thermoplastic so heat insert is not quite possible. someone tried at 400c and still could not put one in.

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I used 450c to achieve the results above.

I guess I will just leave holes in my print and then manually add resin around the insert. Then I can cure it in a dry cure box.

@peopoly any idea if I’ll get better results with tough resin?



tough resin has lower HDT at about 85C. it gets softer and you may have a better chance with it. the model resin is high hardness type. and don’t even try with Nex which is high temp ultra high hardness

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I try to use captive nuts whenever possible but threaded inserts are much more compact and are sometimes called for.

You can get a heat-set metal insert to fit and hold, as SLA resins get considerably softer when exposed to heat arround 100 to 150°C (sometimes much less). You just can’t use the recommended hole Ø because the resin will crack. I also use a soldering iron and temperature between 100 to 150°C, and with the right hole Ø I get a relatively good fit, although it’s not as solid as in a thermoplastic or a captive nut, but sufficient for screwing on covers and assembling non loaded parts.



I need to get some of these for some projects I am working on. I’m hoping to make the holes match the diameter of the insert and use a UV cured glue like Bondic, or perhaps the resin itself if it will cure in sunlight or under the lamps



Formlabs did a nice write up on various options here:

Basically they suggest gluing such inserts in place instead of using heat. It’s a good read in any case and since it’s also a resin based SLA printer most of what they say should be relatively applicable to the Moai.



Thanks for sharing that! At least I know what I’ve got to do now, even if it means I’ve got to re-print most of my project.