Peopoly Prime & Siraya Tech Fast Resin


Brand new here to the forums as well as 3D resin printing as I just got my Prime printer on Wednesday. I’m struggling with a few things here that I hope I could get some help with.

First I’ve noticed that Chitubox 1.9 has been very unstable for me and I was wondering if other are experiencing the same things. Attached are some images / screenshots you can see in the screenshot of the setting the strange things my Chitubox is doing. Anyways I’ve been trying to dial in my exposure settings using this calibration print but my printer doesn’t seem to be changing the settings. I’ve tried to print this calibration test 3 times and the time that Chitubox tells me 16 minutes and the time the printer takes 25 minutes does not match. You would thing this would change with the longer exposure settings. Also what kind of lift speed should I be using? Is the higher number faster or slower.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.