Peopoly Phenom LCD Control board Issues

I have a brand new Phenom that was purchased in April. I set it up and printed about 20 beautiful prints then garbage after that. when I look at the Calibration print i just get a full screen of light no bright rectangle. and that is the same for actual printing too. Did some trouble shooting and found that if I have the print going and power cycle the Control board that the the LCD plugs into I get a flash of the correct image and then back to blank. I am not sure what is causing that Any ideas, here is a link because even a 1 sec gif is to large to upload

Let’s figure out the cause of panel not showing image

Here is the LCD Guide for the panel


I Purchased a new LCD Panel and I am running again. It is rather disappointing that my panel only lasted about 20 hours of printing. I will see how long this one last butI may have to look for different brands of printers.

hi @Russellmh
please reach out to and we will follow up to get your order info