Peopoly Phenom L 'unknown file format' help!


Our Peopoly Phenom L is about 8 months old. It has been working fine though once or twice we have had an ‘unknown file format’ error. I fixed this by reslicing and re saving in chitubox or formatting the USB and starting again. However now its doing it with every print and nothing seems to fix it. It had worked fine previously and we have not updated anything.

I did try to update the firmware in the hopes that might fix the problem but it just says ‘unknown file format’ with those files too!

Any one know what the problem may be? I have email support but thought i’d ask here as well.


If the problem still occurs after updating the firmware, there should be a problem with the usb cable or the usb disk.
Check usb port or replace usb


I cant update the firmware because I get the error with the files needed to update the firmware.

We have tried multiple USB drives. We even went out and bought new ones. Still didn’t work.
However it will still read and print files that it previously had no problem with. It just wont read any new ones.

Please contact by email and share the pictures or videos with errors in the files, so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time