Peopoly Phenom Exposure Solution

A big issue for most if not all MSLA printer users is from using different resins and trying to minimize print time with proper exposure settings. Different LED power, room temperatures, resins, resin colors, base layers, etc all have influence on print success.

The anycubic photon community has developed tools for “TRYING” to get close to good settings then the user can adjust from that start point. Peopoly support does not recommend testing with tools like Resin Exposure Range Finder and etc.

Does Peopoly has a recommended method/process of doing testing?

Will Peopoly in the future produce a software tool specific for Phenom to help users test exposure settings?

To fill the vat with $50 to $200 of resin and get repeated failed parts because it could take many attempts to find proper exposure settings makes me want to sell this phenom but I’m still hopeful. Peopoly, we do not need a perfect exposure solution tool but something close enough to better begin with would be very good and would better help promote Peopoly products.