Peopoly noir Warning

A Warning here,
I ordered and paid for a Noir in March, I finally received it in the first week of June ! Now I can’t get hold of and deft resin, been waiting 3 weeks. It’s a nightmare, lost a number of orders.

It’s probably ok for a hobbyist but so far it is not really suitable for a professional production set up. Bought through Imakr Europe. Managed 3 prints in 4 months.

hi tsekul, sorry to hear your printing problem, please fill in the survey form in detail so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time.

Order 3rd party resin (Amazon). Check the Internet for resin that others have used in Noir and the settings that worked.

Their Dreft resin is good but expensive. For 10 bottles they charge $800 for shipping and it’s ridiculous. I use Siraya Tech. Build, Fast, Blue, tenacious, Simple, sculpt from Amazon. It’s cheaper and honestly I get much better results. The closest thing to dreft would be Fast. It’s ABS like resin and picks up awesome details. I have not had a failed print with these resins and I use the Phenom L

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