Peopoly Noir not recognizing .ctb files?

Hello Folks,

I’m a bit of a rookie with 3D printers, having only limited experience with an Elegoo Mars / Mars Pro previously.

I just received my new Peopoly Noir, an big beautiful machine, and have not had success printing as of yet.

I am using Chitubox and am given the single option to save my files as a .ctb, however when selecting to print the file, the printer is giving me the error message “Unknown File Format”.

I do not, however, have an option to save as a typical .cbddlp file, though I do see that the Test Print file , saved in .cbddlp is showing me a graphic of the test file. I have tried to print this test print file (with the cbddlp extension) but it resulted in a print failure.

I am using Monocure 3D Rapid resin, as the seller (3D Printing, Canada) of my Noir stated that it would work with this printer. I do have other resin on hand, specifically Elegoo’s ABS-Like Photopolymer Resin, and Elegoo Standard Photopolymer resin.

May I ask for some insight into how to get my Noir to recognize these .CTB file types, as these are all that Chitubox is allowing me to save them as.

Thank you for any help,
Bob P

Ah, managed to dig up the downloadable F2.9 update for the CTB files, added to my USB and now the Noir is recognizing the files.

Can’t seem to cure the resin a bit, however. 2 attempts to print ended in a wholly empty build platform, and no debris in the resin. Resin didn’t seem to cure one bit… at least with this Monocure 3D Rapid… Will double check my LCD is working, then try the Elegoo resins pending the Deft coming back in stock…

One step at a time…


  1. Chitubox slice software can only output CTB format when it has built-in peopoly settings. If the device firmware is version 2.8, only cbddlp format files are read
    You can upgrade the firmware to version F2.11, which can read CTB and cbddlp formats, and it is very stable.

  2. Firmware.
    Latest F2.11 firmware has been tested and working well for many users. Here is the instruction:

  3. Software
    Please stay with Chitubox Beta as suggested by the Setup guide. The 1.6.5 is quite buggy and cause some printers to function incorrectly. We have not had it tested enough to recommend it.

Make sure you clear out Chitubox from any version before installing the intended on:

Here is how:
Chitubox often has leftover files from previous versions and sometimes it corrupts new versions. Factory reset does not always work. This is how you can get a clean Chitubox installation:

1 Uninstall ALL chitubox software on your computer
2 Delete all the leftover files in AppData\Local under user directory
There may be more than one directory and the name of the directory always start with chitu
3. install the chitubox version you want, we recommend Chitubox Beta as it has built-in Phenom profiles and is less crash-prone with larger model files
2. For Elegoo resin, we have not used it before and do not know its printing parameters
For 3rd party or 405nm resin.
Since Phenom exposure is open, you could try to print with some but not all would work. Ones for laser will definitely not work. Printer at this size is much more picky with resins than the small printers. Siraya Tech and deft resin offers some good alternatives. From our testings, we found that there are some unethical resin providers on the market at the moment due to relatively new industry. Be selective and check ones with most reviews.