Peopoly Model White - Discontinued?

Hi, just been told by iMakr here in UK that Peopoly has ceased production of Model White resin. Is this true? If so, what have people switched to for white prints on laser Moai? :confused:

I had same piece of information by imakr France. They said @Peopoly stops white model resin :thinking:.
Sounds strange :thinking:
They sold me funtodo white snow resin instead of the Peopoly one. I hope it will work fine.

Sorry to report that the FunToDo โ€˜snow whiteโ€™ is actually a cream at best, if not yellow, and that it destroyed my PDMS vat on the second print. I will have to sell it.

However, thanks to advice, I am back printing happily with Peopoly Clear Resin + Alumilite White Dye

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