Peopoly Model Grey Resin Issue

Hi guys

I print already two years with Peopoly Model Resin Grey. I am using FEP Vat and default Build Plate. I had no issue till now. But till the newest delivery from Peopoly (i have ordered six new bottles of the same Resin like earlier) i am unable get one success printing. EVERY print fails fully or partial. Some small holes (inside letters in my print) it looks not fully cured.

What i have tried? I filtered the Resin, i have cleaned the FEP Vat, i replaced the FEP sheet, i’ve changed the Laser Power to 57 but also to 59 (i am using per default 58 Laser Power). In the meantime i’m afraid the Resin is the problem.

I am using the Moai heater but also to pre-warm the build plate and the resin. During printing it is deactivated because of the artefacts when it is running during print

Any ideas? It is very annoying the current situation.
Regards, Sascha

It looks like you’ve made your way through some of the normal checks, if you haven’t already some of the following might help:

  • Mixing the resin really well for a while, make sure theres absolutely nothing still in the bottle that should be mixed in.
  • Format the sd card and make sure it’s not just having a weird issue reading the correct gcode.
  • Re-level. Bit of a pain with the original build plate but is much more sensitive with the FEP vat than PDMS if I recall correctly
  • Try a run with the heater on for a test print just to see if it makes a difference to whether the print actually prints properly (if with some surface quality issues)

Some photos of these fails might help if you’re unsuccessful in solving the issue. Hopefully peopoly can chime in on how to check your resin is okay.

I will do some photos tonight when i am at home.

When i got the Resin, i fill half of the Vat where still the old Resin was in. I got a perfect print as always. After finish i refilled the vat with the new one only and started the same file to print again. And the fails started. Nevertheless i tried with new fep sheet and the other stuff i wrote. But I get not rid of the suspicion that the Resin is the problem.

@Sascha_Sommer i’ve reach this on the fb page as well, but i would like to continue here, since it would be helpful for future users if they have the same issues

I have checked the delivery again and i have noticed that there were two different kind of bottles inside. The one i used is the one on the right. Looks like this is the wrong Resin?! @peopolysupport

According to the Store this is a different one:

Here are a few photos of the results. Went out really ugly. Tje broken / failed ones i have no pictures. But no adhesion.


Here how it should look like (old resin)

According to my Facebook Post here my galvos.

I have changed now the Resin and filled in with the Resin from the bottles which look like my old ones. Now i started the same file again printing

what are those 2 kinds?

The model standard resin would only have tick box for color, so if this is a mistaken, it can be either nex resin or deft resin. They have quite similar properties and laser power settings, so adjust them a bit should fix the problem

The Label is different. 4 Bottles looks like the Grey Model. And two (the two on the right side on the picture i posted above) looks like the one on the Deft Resin Picture

What could be the cause if small details are no longer printed correctly?

$For example my test here:

The form itself is not bad. But the letters themselves are no longer printed correctly. Instead of clean edges, they are printed dirty and unclean. The spaces between the letters are partly filled instead of empty. You can not read the letters. What could cause something like that? Laser? Resin? Over cured? Undercured?

I’ve tried now increasing the Laser Power to 60 - that does not change anything. Well, i assume it was a bit more bad than earlier. I changed now the Z-Reset by one because in my last print the FEP Vat plops really loud compared to earlier (i’ve changed the sheet to a new one)

Any ideas?

you can try to tilt the model more, orient it like that is hard for the resin to stand
usually for deep groves like those on the letters, you need support. But you can’t really generate such a small one or else it would fuse to the model