Peopoly Moai print past layer 232

I can’t seem to get this Moai to calibrate. I’ve had only 2 succesful prints:( Spent about $200 in resin, wasted on pillars and failed prints. Now it seems it won’t print past layer 232. I know this printer can do amazing things, I guess I got a buggy one:( I think the motherboard may be fried? Does anyone know where I can get a new motherboard for the Moai 130? This has been a very expensive fail:( Thank you for any and all help!!

i would recommend re-slice the model and also re-format your SD card
it just stop at 232 and the build plate goes up?

Ok I’ll try that, thank you:)) Actually I let it run and it seemed to reach layer 364 but then went back up to the reset position:(

make sure you use the SD card formater software each time before loading new Gcode.