Peopoly Moai 130 (heater, FEP VAT) At first printed OK, then constant failures

printR This is the typical result, part of the print detaches from support (or part of the support is detached from print) and flattened missing part is at bottom of the VAT.

Any advice?

As you may be aware, the part that was flattened at the bottom of the vat due to it disconnecting from the rest of the print/supports and only curing against a piece stuck to the vat.

Generally the reason for this on LCD and SLA printers is too much suction for the supports to handle. Normally the solution is to either rotate part of your model to reduce suction forces or increase the number of supports/size of supports.

OK, thanks. Now it is printing successfully constantly. It seems that it is very little things that make it.

One question out of the scope

Have anybody “recycled” isopropanol by illuminating with uv-lamp and then filtering the liquid and using again?

yes people have done it before, that way and a few other ways, but it will degrade the alcohol and can get messy. It is possible but it is a factor of money saved vs. time needed to do it.
Chris Russell made this video

showing one way of doing it… as far as what the other person was saying… For me there is a lot of animals roaming about and I would need to sit outside watching it to make sure no animals get into it…

I would be cautious of putting it in and empty plastic bottle and close the cap because there is a thermal reaction when resin is curing so it could also heat up the IPA, and not in a position to test the flash point of IPA :slight_smile: