Peopoly Heater V2


If the room temp stays around 31c then you don’t need a heater in my opinion. Just keep the resin in the same room.


The resin is in the same room. thanks for the reply


I mean is the sensor inside the heatsink or outside the heater? (sorry I don’t have peopoly heater).

If it’s inside, 45C is not really that much because it’s the temperature of the heatsink not the air around the heater.


Everything including the sensor is inside the heater enclosure.


So 36 hours working non stop. When door closed the heater hold 33.5 deg , steady. My thermo couple is inside near the roof of the upper chamber


Have you tried measuring the temp of the resin?

Are you using V1 or V2?


I do not dare to submerge the thermocouple in the resin


we tested and 45 version works better at keeping resins between 30-35C. with 35 version, resin can easily drop under 25C and that is not even in a very cold area


@peopoly Thank you for clearing that up! =)