Peopoly Heater V2


The fan never stops - only the heating element.


I tought so.
Then as far it works after disassembly. there has been mechanical problem interfering with the fan rotation, because now it works


Aah. Well mine stops. Guess I will have to take it apart then.

Maybe something to look into @peopoly?


the second version of the heater will continue to heat up until it reaches 35C, the sensor is placed in the heater so you will get a different reading when you stick the sensor in the vat
the fan will always be on the keep the air flow
if the weather out side is about 20-22C then no need to turn on the heater, the Moai will print just fine
@JackyBoy you may want to check the power source and the adapter first


What am I supposed to check? What adapter?


what about hi temp resin


i meant the electric socket that you plugged the heater to, check the electricity to see if it’s stable
the heater need its own power supply, check the adapter that comes with the heater, see if the cables are tightly connected.
if they are fine and the fan still stops, only then open the heater up to see inside
you are using the V1 or the V2 heater?


hi-temp resins doesn’t mean it needs high temperature to print,
it means that the resin can withstand high temperature( about 180C)


V2 heater.

Electric source is fine, plugged into its own wall socket. Everything is plugged in securely.


the temp still goes up to 36C right?
if so, i will check again with Mark and the engineering group, i don’t want to make guesses


Are you sure.
There are a lot of posts that it have to be printed at 30 deg C at least


it looks like @peopolysupport gets a little confused sometimes. 20-22C is the bare minimum to actually have anything printed by the Moai. I wouldn’t recommend printing at lower than 25C, while I find an optimal temperature around 27°C.


Yes, I concur with matt3o. The resin temp should be around 27-28c and some resin types require even higher print temp. Please remember that we are talking about resin temp NOT ambient temp in the upper chamber where the heater should be. The heater (v2) keeps the ambient temp around 35c, which in time will get the resin temp up to the recommended print temp.


yeah of course we are talking about resin temperature. the fact that the thermostat says 35°C doesn’t mean the resin is actually at that temperature. It’s very viscous, it will take sometime to get to the chamber temperature. In fact I turn on the moai (and heater) as soon as I start creating the supports. By the time the model is supported, sliced and all the resin had time to warm up a little.


The funny thing is…The thermostat is not a 35C one… its a 45C one…

Just disassemble the unit and take a look. The unit shuts off at 45C, not 35C. Unless there is something im missing.


My concern is that 36-37C, which is the temperature the resin gets while using this heater might be too much and actually cause more harm than good


So it will cut off only at 45C ?


Mine will! I don’t know for sure what thermostat you have in yours but if mine is correct then yes. It will shut off when the internal temperature reaches 45C.

It makes sense that they would use a thermostat thats shuts off at a higher temperature than needed since the housing will always heat up faster than the surroundings, but 45C seems a bit much in my opinion… 40C or even a 35C one should be enough.


where is the temp sensor?


on the bottom of the unit


Its usually 31 c temperature where i live, will the peopoly heater even work for me considering it starts to heat only when the temperature is less than 27C?