Peopoly Heater V2


Hey guys, anyone here has the peopoly heater (second version)…?

It does one thing good!! Heat up the resin… but i fear it may be too much. Maybe the 45C thermostat is a bit too much for the Moai 130 Chamber!

What are your experiences with it? My resin goes up to 36-38C with the heater (i have a sensor inside the vat so its the temperature of the actual resin).


How so you know it is V1 or V2.
I am receiving recently ordered one with DHL tomorrow






Have you noticed if your fan stays on the whole time? I know it’s supposed to shut off the heat but I’d assume the fan should remain on to keep airflow happening.


As far I ordered 2 weeks ago it is v2
I will know tomorrow.
BTW how did you measure the resin .
I am using this one , but never dare to put the sensor inside the vat


Yea… the fan never stops but the heating does so its working fine

I think a thermostat shutting off at maybe 35 or 40C would be more adequate for the Moai 130 build chamber.

I was curious to know what temperatures readings others are getting.


I’m getting 35-37c in the upper build chamber up close to the vat.


I guess then the temperatures im getting is whats to be expected.



I got it today it is v2
I am going to drill a hole for the power line and will test it


I have the v2. It came with my kit, so I’ve never used the old heater. Seems to be fine, the thermostat does cycle it on/off. The interior or the moai doesn’t seem to get excessively hot or anything like that.

It’s kind of loud. I was thinking of buying a quieter fan to install inside it. That matters to me because the printer is in my office, a few feet from where I work all day.


Instaled mine,
It is PITA to drill with smaller drill and without disassembly, took me 15 minutes.
I used the same hole to sneak the thermo couple inside
After 30 minutes it reads 32.3


Strange thing
Int the beginning with high speed of the fan it was normal noisy,
now there is strange rattling and the fan itself is slower and quiet.
Anybody ?


I have v1 unit. It’s very loud.

I swap the original fans to silent type fans.

original sound movie
silent fan sound movie

If you place the heater directly on the moai, the vibration will resonate and you will hear an annoying sound.
I put a rubber plate under and behind the heater to prevent vibration.
This is pretty recommended


mine stopped during 3 hour print. I found it stopped. I think fan motor over heated and the fan was not ruining.
Dissembled it by mt opinion fan is too compressed to the heat sink. After assembly it is running again .Now new vat and corner test for now 20 minutes it is ruining ok full speed.
Any info on fan stopping with v2 ?


I have not had any problems with my v2 heater. I have it running over night during printing.


for now after disassembly /assembly it is working ok
3 r-d iteration of corner test about 30 min each with new hi temp vat


One of mine have done this, had the fans stop that is, the heater itself was very very warm to the touch once I realized this was happening. I did get my replacement from matterhackers. I will no longer leave the units on to print unless I’m home.


I think it is the thermo relay inside the fan motor. I suspect this or mechanically it is too close


Wait, so is the fan not supposed to stop at all? I thought it stopped spinning when it got up to temp?


I think it is not supposed.
IT is working now almost 12 hours non stop and blowing fast