Peopoly Build Plate Improvements

Hi All,

As somebody who has been printing a long time on other machines, and printing for only a couple months on the Phenom L - I wanted to offer a suggestion to improve the build plate.
This is something incorporated into a lot of other companies’ build plates: Vat runoff grooves.
The slanting of the build plate is only a partial run-off, it reduces but does not eliminate the waste of resin sticking to the top of the plate.
I have provided a mock-up of what this would look like in pictures.
Other build plates have grooves that start cylindrical in shape in the middle and then widen as the groove runs towards the build side of the plate. This provides a “lower elevation” for the resin to run to before the surface tension can allow it to stick to the plate. For a printer as big as the phenom L, this may require more than four at the corners. Additionally it may require a “trough-like” shelf to encourage this run-off to work.