Peopoly are you OK?😀


Hi Peopoly,

I wonder what happened with your usual responsivity to customers? Peopoly are you still alive :grinning:???

Almost two weeks ago I ordered
a few products from your site. Everything seemed to be ok till two days later when I received an e-mail from « peopoly laser » telling that my cart was saved… I don’t know what that means. I looked then on my account on peopoly website where the order is marked as « fulfilled » and went on Fedex site to check the delivery time. It was marked as « delivery exception » (whatever that means) and the package seems to be stuck somewhere. This Monday I checked again on fedex website and nothing changed. The same « delivery exception » is still marked… This is very strange as the money were taken from my bank account. Then, two days ago I wrote you an e-mail about all this stuff and still didn’t get an answer yet. Checked today on fedex, and still the same delivery exception is marked… I really don’t understand what is the problem.

And that’s not all, as the last time when I ordered and payed for 9 fep films you changed my cart without any explanation, sent me only 3 while refunded me for the other 6… That was a really weird change…

Peopoly are you OK???


We are doing fine fine. The TCT trade show + the 1 week national holiday delays a lot of replies (and 90% of the team got the flu during that period) but we are back close to full strength and will be more active. Our new member @peopolysupport is helping users and please assist him to help others as well.

for order specific stuff, use email so we can keep personal details away from public forum