PDMS Getting Cloudy

I have put about 2L of resin through my Moai using a fresh PDMS vat. When I cleaned it this weekend, the PDMS layer is beginning to cloud over. How much does the cloud effect the print? At what point do I need to change the vat?

this is indication for replacing to new PDMS layer
you can either purchase a new PDMS vat or follow this guide to make a new layer :How to Restore your VAT!

although it’s best to replace, but the condition of your vat should be able to last for a few more prints until it’s no longer usable

cloudy vat will weaken your laser=> failed/bad prints

Could I increase the laser power to get a few more prints out of this vat?

It wouldn’t solve the problem ahead, the PDMS is short lived, great for beginners, but bad for long term uses
Increase the laser power will just damage the PDMS further

Thank you for the reply.