Pausing a print on the Phenom?

I have been using my Phenom for a week now and would like some advice concerning pausing a print.
The model I am printing is a 10+ hour run to completion, I can see its progress from about 4 hours in.
So if I paused the print once it gets past printing the supports and is on with the model, will it successfully print the model when I resume printing. Will the pause cause a layer line in the model?


It depends on the length of your pause and the type of resin. Try to avoid too long pause time, generally speaking, the layer line is not obvious in a short time.

Generally best not to pause just because it introduces another element of difference/risk/danger to your print failing, though I imagine it’s fine in a lot of cases.

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Thanks for the advice, my Phenom is printing extremely well, it is new so I expect as much. Its just the concern that a print may fail. I would be good if some very clever person could figure out a way of putting a camera in the LCD screen.
I start a dual print tomorrow, may just pause to check its OK.

Didn’t risk the pause and the print was fine utilizing just under the full depth of the build volume.