Partial Support Failure

Hoping to get some feedback on what’s wrong with my Moai. I was printing for the most part succesfully with it for close 7-8 months using the FEP system and adjustable/levelable build plate. I’ve only used the Peopoly gray resin up to this point.

Where the problems started: Purchased a new batch of Peopoly Black Resin from matterhacker (just wanted a different color, no particular reason). Hoping to improve on performance issues i have also downloaded and installed the latest firmware on the moai and downloaded the latest version of Asura to generate my gcodes (previously I was using Cura). Ran thru the calibration and leveling procedures as usual using the latest recommended values for the my system and firmware. This is where i started having print failures. I inspected my hardware and even ended up installing a new FEP film (old one was looking a little hazy). Since the updates and resin change i only had 2 successful prints (two very small ones) out of 14-15 attempts (multiple releveling in between). Based on the images attached what i am noticing it is the supports where the part is closest to the bed that are failing. this is the key problem and I am not 100% certain what is the cause since, I tried both with generating support in B9Rep manually and in Asura, double checking my leveling and ensuring the bed is clear of damage or debri. I have also tried positioning the part in different parts and orientations on the bed with very similar results. I after diving thru a lot of the support forums looking for similar issues I am running out of ideas to try. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, I appreciate the community support!

PS: looking to pickup a peopoly phenom in the near future, but really want to get my moai up and running again.

(I will upload my settings later but i am using the exact values recommended by peopoly, tried adjusting the Z-height a bit between 1815-1820)

If you are using FEP vat, adjusting the z reset should get it to work
is this happens in a certain area, or is it random?

My initial suspicion was the issue occurs in the area closest to the “green zone” of the build plate (if that makes sense? not sure what the proper technical term would be). I did try moving it further and placing the model right in the center of the buildplate in addition to adjusting / rotating along the Z axis (for positioning) but it seems like the results were very similar, is always the supports that are the shortest / where the model is closest to the build plate. I tried orienting the parts to be further or closer to the bed with no luck. Also tried a few different reset positions in the range of 1817-1820 and even below 1815.

Try go for 1822, that’s what work on my Moai
It’s usually due to the un-clean peel of the FEP sheet, and it tents to happen in the green zone, where there’s less peel force

Thank you i will give that a try this afternoon!

Unfortunately my print still failed, probably the biggest loss in support so far with setting at 1822. Still seeing the same issue where its the support columns where the part is the closest are not generating but on this print there was barely any contact between the support columns and the part. I have attached a few images and also the moai settings use. In addition I am not sure if i am using the correct export profile in Asura?

when you are testing your settings, go for the pre-sliced gcodes
it would be different from users to users, so it will take some try and errors

By pre-sliced gcodes do you mean test it with a gcode file generated outside asura? My current workflow is I take the STL file and add the supports either in B9Rep (then save it as an STL) or in Asura (then save the STL) and generate the gcode in Asura. I am not sure though if the export profile i screenshot above (moai 130 40um, calibration - none) is correct? Or if my workflow should be different?

Thank you for the support.

the pre-sliced gcodes are those gcodes that came with the SD card : the ring test model, 4-moai test model, and DIY-test model
if you lost the pre-sliced models, you can always find them on :

FWIW I had similar looking failures that I thought were due to the model not completely releasing from the FEP during a peel. It affected the parts of the model closest to the hinge. I don’t have my current settings handy, but I had to set PM Reset to at least 65 before I reliably stopped having those failures. I believe that’s because the vat tilts more and fully peels the FEP from the model, at the expense of a little bit of extra time between layers.

Thank you for the feedback. I will try reprinting it with the pre-sliced files, and Dave from what i am noticing its the areas near the hinge (green area) where i am having the most problem. When you get a chance would you mind sharing your settings as well. Thanks!

I found a post of my settings here: Layer lines, again

I had increased PM reset to 68, and reduced Z Follows to zero. I went a little overboard probably, but I haven’t tried tweaking the values. I’d try Z Reset of 2 and PM reset of 65 or 66 if you wanted to make a more conservative change to test with. Or maybe try my values for PM and Z, and then back off on them a bit if they work for you. That’s what I planned on doing but haven’t tried backing off since I’m getting good prints with those values.

I tried printing the ring from the gcode provided in the link and it seems to have worked however most of the supports are either not fully printed or unattached.

Additionally i tried reprinting the leveling pegs and besides the first layer, the two on the right side of the chamber (where tank tilts) did not print. I have tried re-leveling multiple times using the official guide but still no luck.

Dave21740, out of curiosity i have also tried tweaking the settings you suggested but it seems like i was getting the same results where the supports have been failing mostly on the left side.

What would be the next step to check?
Thank you!


Releveled the printbed and re-ran the DYI test just in case, still no luck. this time the first layers were there for all 4 pegs, but only printed fully (green quadrant)

go for 59 laser power and try those test prints again, black is not an easy resin to success