Paint the resin?

Hello everyone,

I haven’t bought the “Moai” yet and I have some questions about resins.
Can we paint with all the resin ?
What is the duration of resin preservation once it’s opened ? Where do you buy it ?


Primer is your friend - same as any plastic painting.

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Moai resin can last quite awhile. Enclosed in its bottle, easily couple months. You can buy at and also check out reseller section too.

I’d assume that by paint you mean paint a printed part. (yes use primer, sand if necessary, enjoy your print)
But if you mean dying the resin before printing then it is inadvisable.

I printed last night with resin that had been purchased in Jan 2018 and stored until now unopened and in the foam packing that I received it in. It had been exposed to some high (30-40C) temps in the workshop. It seemed to work really well!