Packaging was EXCELLENT

Got My Moai finally yesterday. I was super impressed with the packaging ! Very thoughtful and secure !
Everything arrived perfectly


Got any images of your assembly or the packaging?

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I did not really take any pics of the packaging except for this. I was too eager to dig into it.
I’m starting the build tonight and do plan to take more pics of the process. This is basically a 3-layer packaging job

Exciting stuff buddy. Take some pics of the build and post them if you could. I’m dying from anticipation waiting for my printer to arrive.

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you guys are cruel! :cry: I want my Moai already!


If you want to see cruel… ----->

My 11 year old son assembling it last night. need about 1 more hour tonight to finish. :slight_smile:


nice, waiting for a group shot with one of you wearing the green protective glasses

All finished. I had to Tap the M5 holes on the extrusion for the hinges. Other than that the build went very smoothly.

There are weird geometric patterns in the pdms of both fresh VATs. Really weird. Is that normal? @peopoly


looking good guys, love the green shades!

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Impressive to see that. I want to know that all printers and other products of Peopoly box packaging are secure same like that or different packaging for some products.

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