Over molding inserts and XFAB comparison


So received my MOAI about 2 months ago.
and played around with it for some time.
Finaly it came time to test it for the reason I went in the SLA world to make injection molding inserts .
So I made 2 inserts for shut off for overmolding TPU over ABS part.
Used asura 2.1 for the first time, used calibration file v2 and it worked quite well.
Printed 2 solid inserts 87x30x14 mm, inclined at 35 deg with auto supports on the flat back of the insert, peopoly transparent resin , it took about 17 hours with 100 microns profile and stock settings the inserts came out decent.
One was inside 0,1 mm , the other in .25 mm deviation shutoff was almost there. So we went for second set with some adjustments.
I started today printing , but decided to do 28 deg incline in order to save height and time. (We have to present samples injection molded Monday and if 3d printed inserts fail , i have to have 10 hours for machined aluminum ones)
It is halfway there , but I hear the clanck from peeling the the part from the PDMS, and one insert have some visible small deformation. The print is in 9 hours and about 2/3 of the layers.
Last week I got second hand DWS XFAB printer for about 1000 EUR from ebay.
SO today I fire it up , transferred the licenses for the both slicer and controller software , cleaned up the machine , work space and vat, put new transparent resin cartridges, and printed 20x20x10 calibration cube, with automatic settings . Printed in 45 minutes 0.1 layer (you are not able to control it ;)) , first 10 layers are 0.01 mm . Washed the part in IPA , some UV light for 10 minutes and the measurement : x 20.00, Y 20.01, Z 9.98.This thing blow my mind
The machine have some noise in one area of the Z travel , but for the money, dirty , with heavy used pdms vat ,out of the box it is great.
I then put on the XFAB the same inserts but paralel to the build surface and after 3 hours it is at about 90% of the print



Test continue
The identical inserts printed on moai inclined at 28 deg took about 12 hours
On XFAB it took about 3 hours, but printed on the build plate . Great surprise as I expected this to fail.
Dimensional accuracy in the same range. Xfab a fraction better as far it was parallel to the projection surface.
Printed today torture test on XFAB

It took about 1 hour and a half
The bars less than 0.5 come half and very bad
and almost any feature(hole,Rib,slot,bar) less than 0.5 mm is lost.
Accuracy is within 0.03 - 0.04 mm
This is their fully transparent vitra 430 , this material profile is with about 90 micron z step and is not the finest detail resin according to DWS specs .
I am printing the same stl in MOAI at the moment
I downloaded Asura 2.11 and by chance my SD card started to make trouble. I thought it is the new asura , went back to 2.1 and finally had to reformat the sd card.
It is printing at the moment and it is 1.5 hours in the print layer 15 of 121
This test is fully equal conditions both on the build plate , same STL , same z layer setting
Finished in about 3 hours
The print quality of the thin sections is way better on MOAI . I can see 0.3 hole and 0.3 rib
The print is sharper on MOAI



Thx alot for this comparison. What model is your DWS XFAB, this one or an older model?



The older one just XFAB produced beginning of 2017.
The holding mechanism for the work base is different



thanks for the feedback, if you need even high tolerance.

we have added instruction for creating Asura 2.1 custom calibration:

I am surprised by time difference. XFab normally does very slow peel for nice finishes which adds to the time. What is the layer height you used?



With XFAB software you do not have choice it is automatic
It depends on the resin model.
On this case it was 0.01 for the first 3 layers then 0.1 mm



what about layer heights for Moai?



0.1 and 0.06 mm
for different tests



So here it is the first injection molded part from 3d printed tool in MOAI, that is not customers IP, so I can publish it online
The mold inserts are made in MOAI , grey regular peopoly resin , it survived 6 shots , then big crack.
Next step hi temp inserts
But still injection molded part from a tool made in MOAI