Outer wall and inner fill gap

Has anyone seen this issue before?

I’ve developed a gap between the outer wall and the inner fill. Where in Cura is this control?


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I think I found it: “Infill Overlap”.

I’ll print another test and post it.

OK, so as it turns out that setting only controls infill overlap anywhere except the top and bottom surfaces. And my issue is on the top surface.

Here is what Cura is showing on the top surface:

Note the gap between the yellow infill and the green outer wall.

OK, this time “Skin Overlap” was the trick.



So it seems this issue of outer wall overlap has not gone away. I’ve had my machine in storage for a while and now that I have it up and running, I find the issue was more pronounced than before. Doing a search online here, I found my original post.

Currently, I have 40% skin overlap percentage and the gap between the outer wall and the infill is still huge. In fact, I’m not sure this setting is affecting anything but far inside the print. On the surface, the parameter lines don’t connect to the fill lines.

Any thoughts would be helpful.

I’ve resolved the issue by slicing my models with all walls and no infill. Just in case someone runs into the same issue.