Outer layers seem to not print

So im ive been having this issue where the outer layers of the print seem to not be printing.
Im not sure how to go about fixing this, ive made sure nothing is in the way of the laser, the PDMS vat is new and clean, and ive inspected the gcode and nothing odd there too. Im using a PDMS vat with ez lvl build plate, nex flesh laser set at 52. Any ideas what could be causing this?
The other side had some minor issues of the same but continued to print fine after a bit. I dont think it has to do with printing on that side of the vat as ive printed other things recently on that side with no issues.

you can try to print at laser power 54, how thick is the walls?

The outer perimeter of it is 2mm thick. Is strange since the print finishes already and it’s just that entire left side that has this issue, the right side only had a bit at the very top and the rest printed perfectly. It’s just missing the outer side and it’s even odder since it goes from small to bigger as it printed and it still kept a consistent pace. I already checked the vat and theres nothing in it so the area just didnt print, no uncured or failed bits in the vat.

The print finished and here’s how it looks.
It’s just on that side where everything is supper thin because it’s missing a skin on it. The other side is really strong and looks great but the other is paper flexible and thin. That whole outer area is 2mm thick.
Also I’ve done the ring test and at laser 52 a few holes are still closed and at 51 like 4-6 holes are still closed, wouldn’t raising the laser lower cause over curing? Also in one of the pictures you can see some very orange tinted globs on the print but I just cleaned out the vat and nothing like that was found in it.

I tried reprinting it again but this time all of the supports ended up failing to print

please run the ring test, see how the laser cures the resin, the laser power is vary from user to user, although it’s recommended at 51, a lot of users only have success at 48

Sure I’ll give it a shot and I’ll let you know.

looks similar to the issue I had , but increasing laser power fixed it.
Are you sure the wall is 2mm thick in that area? sometimes these programs can interpolate hollowing wrong. that really looks like its very thin.

@Chris_Tello i forgot to mention that for the nex resin, the pigments settle heavily, so it would be different from user to user when they mix the resin up
until now there’s a range of laser power from 54-48, test it with the ring to see what suits you best
waiting for your good results

Sorry I’ve been a bit bussy with some work so haven’t been able to reply. It looks thin because its missing the outer layer that didnt print. The other side that printed correctly is a bit over 2mm in thickness. I had tried to increase the laser strength as some one on the Facebook group suggested but then all of the supports failed to print.

have you tried with lower laser power?
looking closer to your picture is seems that it’s still okay on the right side, you can check for anything like dust or resin drops on the vat bottom, acrylic protector or galvo

pretty sure he needs to increase laser power not reduce it, I had the exact same problem a few times.

Also the PDMS may be starting to get cloudy in that area, hence it needs more laser power.

i would not recommend increasing the laser power, it might loose details
if it’s cloudy in an area, it would be better to just move the model or change the vat