Other software? Asura won’t open on my Macs

Hi everyone,
I’m new to SLA printing and got the Moai 130 pre-assembled recently. I’ve tried installing Asura on my two macs, both running the most recent Catalina. I’ve tried downloading and using Asura but it won’t even open. It’s not like it crashes or anything, it just won’t open. The icon does the little bouncing animation for a few seconds then just stops. It doesn’t even have a proper icon, just the generic Apple app icon. I checked that I had the Mac version of the software and I did. It’s the most recent version of Asura 2.2.4.

I can print the test ring file without problem. It comes out very nicely. But I can’t get anywhere yet with my own files. I have tried using Chitubox along with Cura with the default Moai Settings but I can’t get a print to work. When I try there is nothing on the build plate, and just a tiny amount of cured resin at the bottom of the vat. I also hollow in Meshmixer. I’ve been trying to find any good info on an alternative to Asura for Mac that I can get reliable success with but I’m hitting a wall. I’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos on chitubox and I’ve used Cura for about a year in fdm printers. But I don’t know if I need to change settings in Cura since I am using the FEP vat and ez build plate. If anyone knows some custom Cura settings that would help me out I would be so appreciative. Or, if anyone knows a better Mac solution than Chitubox, Meshmixer, and Cura, I’m all ears.

I can’t change my os since I need this version for my work software.

I’ve made all the suggested setting changes in the 1.18 firmware from the wiki.

Thank you for any advice on this matter :slight_smile:

If you can, please do the following, Confirm you are using the recommended settings for Cura, https://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:cura
If so then pelase do the following.
Copy ofer the files on the SD card, or use a different SD card, re-format it and then copy the model you sliced on there and then try it again for us. There is a bug in the firmware where that can happen if the SD vard is not reformated each time

This issue is being looked at and waiting for an update after the Chinese holiday and current lock down situation.

Thank you

Thank you for getting back to me. I tried reforming the SD card and thay didn’t work. I tried it three time on three different files. Same result every time. Nothing on the build plate and just a small amount of cured resin on the bottom of the vat.

I wish there was some more support on the Mac side. Asura won’t open and it now seems like Cura isn’t working with the default profiles for the Moai. The info on Cura seems old and not updated for anything above 3.5.1. Is there any other slicer that can work with the Moai?

I spent all this time leveling and the ring prints beautifully. The level test is well within tolerances. I’m lost on what to do. This was a lot of money to spend on something that only prints a single ring. I teach at a design college and would love to be able to show the students That they don’t have to spend Form3 kind of cash to have good prints of their models.

I’ve got to be missing something. There’s got to be a way to get this to print using a Mac.

A little more info. I am using the Moai heater and the chamber is at about 30°c. The resin is just the Peopoly gray and I shake it well for over a minute before pouring. The level test pegs all come out between 10.5 to 10.8mm using the fep vat and ez level plate.
Here is an example of how every print turns out. It’s always some variation on this. Except for the default gcodes on the SD card.

Here is one of the rings I printed out that same day:

I got Asura to open on one of my macs now so that’s good. I haven’t gotten anything to print yet but now it looks like a problem with bed adhesion so I’m going to research how to deal with that.

Moai will not print with Cura’s default profiles, that’s why you need to have Peopoly’s custom settings instaled, the link is already provided above by @peopolysupport3

from the pictures it looks like you are having supports generated by Cura, which will never work since those are for FDM printers and they will break very easy during peel motion

You need to have your support generated by Chitubox or Asura, B9 Creator is another option
Then slice your model in Cura to export to gcode file to print

I did the supports in Chitubox each time knowing that Cura only does fdm supports. I hollowed the models either in Chitubox or Meshmixer. Asura has only just started opening for me so I haven’t printed anything from it Asura gcode yet (hopefully tomorrow). The profiles in Cura 4.4.1 that I have used are the Peopoly Moai profile that comes installed in Cura already, and the custom profile from the Peopoly wiki. The picture shows how every print has come out so far.

Now that Asura is opening I’m going to try doing everything in asura to see if that works, then try Chitubox for hollowing and supports and Asura for gcode. Meshmixer has good hollowing as well but I like the Chitubox UI so much more.

I’m also thinking of running through the leveling process again. I got the test pegs between 10.5 and 10.8 but maybe I can get it closer

Here is an update on my issues printing using the Mac. I finally managed to get Asura to open on my iMac running the newest update to OS X.

I did a simple disk for a test model and did stood it on end and hollowed it and added supports in Chitubox. Then I brought it over to Asura and did the slicing there with the model centered on the build area. I reformatted the SD card and added the default files and folders back on the card and exported the gcode from Asura to the folder on the card. I ran the peg test beforehand and got these measurements:
A: 10.57 B: 10.67 C: 10.78 D: 10.82
My Moai system settings are the same as what is recommended:
System Setup:

  • X Size 900
  • Y Size 900
  • X Deviation 100
  • Y Deviation 100
  • Smooth 50
  • Z Motor Speed 2
  • PM Motor Speed 12
    Advanced Setting
  • Laser Power 58
  • XY Speed Set 4
  • Z Reset Position 1816
  • PM Reset Position 60
  • Z Follows 2
  • CompensateX 100
  • CompensateY 200
  • Z Initial Speed 2
  • PM Initial Speed 10
    So I tried to print:
    The new results are in the picture below. It looks like it actually tried to print it this time but the print stuck to the vat instead of the print bed as far as I can tell. This has been over a month now of trying to get a successful first print and I’m hoping I’m getting close.

Any help or insight would be very appreciated. Thank you.

try to increase the z reset position to 1818 or higher and re-print the file
on FEP vat, depends on the user’s leveling, the value can be vary

I just tried the z reset at 1818 and the results are exactly the same as they were at 1816. The only difference is that when the build plate lowered into the vat there was an off putting creaking sound as the bed pressed into the vat. I also wonder if setting the z reset to 1818 would throw off my peg tests?

And why does the ring print perfectly and not one of my own files prints from Asura or Cura.

I’ve been researching for a month now on how to properly use the Moai but I’m starting to run out of ideas. This is a lot of money to spend for me and I really want to support the Moai developers but while so many of my friends working at places like Sideshow Collectibles or Gentle Giant here in LA all have Form 2s and get beautiful prints, I’m getting nothing yet.

I had planned on joining some friends in a booth at Monsterpalooza this year but I’m not confident anymore that I can make the deadline.

I just want one print of mine to have anything on the build plate to start with.

If the pre-sliced prints came out good then it’s user’s error, can you upload some pictures of your model? how it’s placed, hollowed, support generation, orientation

Sure, Here is a simple miniature base I’ve tried to print quite a few times now. It is the one shown in all the images I have sent where it is a flat piece stuck to the vat. This piece is tiny and not hollowed since its only a few mm thick Ive tried a few others as well but this was the only one that looked like it tried to print. The others were done with Cura for gcode and did even worse.

Try to use Asura for support generation, that support base seems like the cause of the problem, its geometry would cause cupping on a small layer foot print
Go for circle base in Asura, it’s default settings should give you a good print

So that helped tremendously. I used Asura for supports on the base and then tried using the same kind of supports in Chitubox and slicing in Asura. Everything worked perfectly. The print is only at the lowest resolution but the model is only 2cm tall. Going to try a higher resolution setting next. Thank you for all the help and advice!