Other Resins incl. Anycubic and Elegoo Water


New here so sorry if this has already been answered, I did a search but couldn’t find what I needed.
I have both the Phenom L and Phenom XXL in work and we have run out of Deft resin but need to get a job done ASAP. I have some Anycubic Grey Resin in the workshop and also have some Elegoo Water Washable resin on the way. So I’m wondering if anyone has had good results with either resins mentioned on the Phenom machines and could someone share recommended settings for these?

Any help would be hugely appreciated,

Siraya resin is recommended, which has similar functions to Deft resin, with more options and a very favorable price.

Hi Pobsculpture,
I have successfully printed with the Elegoo Water Washable resin on my Phenom with the bellow settings, changing the Bottom Layer Exposure time to 60 seconds.
The vehicle model was fine to print and remove from the plate but smaller parts I have printed do stick quite firmly to the build plate. The footprint of the vehicle model print is approx 17cm x 8cm.
Hope this helps,


Thanks Tom yes that’s really helpful! I’ll give this a go!