Original kit buyer with moai upgrades, which Asura calibration profile to use? + **bonus question!**

there is moai100_calib and moai_200calib. First off, what is a moai 100? There is a moai 130 on the website to buy but not a 100. Then the moai 200… what is that? A moai with upgrades? I have the original moai that had been shipped when these started being sold, then i bought the new FEP vat and new build plate. So does the original moai + FEP vat and better build plate = a moai 200? I’ve read the calibration guide for Asura and it does not go into detail about any of this (like what is a moai 100, what is a moai 200, etc.)

Bonus question: Printing orientation choppiness is something I’ve been getting. For example, a flat horizontal model without its base being printed with a tilt and with support below will have a lumpy bottom, so its not flat like it should be (like miniatures). If i tilt it then i only get distortion on the base of the models corner where the supports first start. I have ran most calibrations (haven’t done the long X print thing, just those little puck ones wherever that guide is located. also physically adjusted laser. I am OCD i swear i didn’t mess that up :slight_smile: ).

Sorry for the late reply,
Moai 100 calib is for Moai original and 130 series, while Moai 200 calib is made for Moai 200 series. These 2 were profiles that was made when the printer is pre-calibrated at the factory, but we recommend making your own profiles with the Moai original and 130 series.

The profiles related to the XY dimension of your print, changing vat and build plate does not have any affects

That is normal. You will have some “drip” on the few support that is first attached to the model. This make sure that the model will not fall