Optimized Support Settings Recommendation

Is everyone just utilizing the default support settings or has anyone tweaked them in? I am using a Moai and curious about cutting down the amount of supports generated for all of my prints. I will likely do a bunch of test runs but if anyone else has, would save me a lot of time and material.


For small to medium sized prints I’ve had a lot of luck with 2.5mm wide base 1mm thick, 1.5mm dia support with .75mm attachment points.
I’m using only the basic gray/clear resin on hollowed out parts.
I spend a lot of time customizing my support placement though.
I start with an auto generate with density set to 4 but the manually stepping up layer by layer in Asura placing supports anywhere there are islands and deleting supports I don’t like.
Iv’e only had a couple of failed prints this way and one of those was when I tried .5mm attach points.
I’d love Asura to let me place internal supports manually as well as modify individual support components by selecting them.
I often use a high density of these fine supports at the base but as they don’t use much material and break off easily during cleanup I find it worth it.

in addition to what @Gimungus said, increasing the density will reduce the support clusters generated, when you reduce supports, please check carefully and add manual supports if needed

Ill attempt these suggestions thank you