Only the supports are printing and the model is sticking to the vat?

I recently switched to the fep tray/easy to level bed and I’m currently having an issue with prints that end up sticking to the vat even though the supports will print out. I’m on Asura 2.2.4 and am currently using Black peopoly resin with the heating unit running. In the image you can see that part of the model is printed out but then suddenly it separates with the rest of the model stuck to the vat. I’v run the calibration test with 10.6-10.4.

What could be causing this issue?

Could be the tip size of the supports is to small.
I often get away with .75mm but I use lots of supports. Tried .5mm and had the same problem you’re seeing every time.

I’m using the recommended support settings with a 1.2mm tip size image

is this a model that has printed success before? if so, you can try to increase the z reset position by 1-2 value, it might be that the FEP is not peeling clean

If this is the new model, can you show us the picture of the model orientation? or try to re-slice