Only the first layer sticks

Hey guys I need your help my Moai 130 stopped working properly.
A few days ago I noticed that only the first layer sticks to the build plate.

After that I releveled it after this didn’t helped I watched my printer printing the DIY file I noticed that while the printer starts the PM motor does what he should do, but while printing he doesn’t seem to move at all.

Could this be the case?
I’m a bit confused because at the start sequence it works

We are sorry to hear your issue and we have assigned an engineer for your case. The engineer will follow up as soon as they have a chance to review the email. Our technical support team is based in Hong Kong and normally works 9 am to 7 pm local time. Thank you for your patience and we will follow up shortly.

@Darklucci does the other gcode prints normally? if so, the new gcode is not generated correctly. If not, try to re-flash the firmware :

So I reflashed the printer and tried the diy leveling pillar again same result only the first layer sticks to the build plate

can you sugest something else can we make troubleshouting because it`snot the first time I´ve got problems and before it started to fail completely I had problems with not printing parts of the print like not printing the supports correctly or the parts of the model are not printed correctly so that it accumulates and I get one flat surface instead

@Darklucci your answers is conflicted so it makes it hard to understand what is the problem that you are facing.
On your post you are having PM motor problem, that the PM motor is not moving during the print. But now it seems like you are having leveling problems