Oh man.. I honestly thought my vat was level


Since switching to Bluecast LS and a new vat, I thought is run the post test. The results were shocking! No wonder I had print inconsistencies!

Guess it’s time to turn the printer upside down, right?




I would say put some Peopoly resin in and confirm it isn’t a resin issue and reduce the number of variables. It looks like the one post is hollow. You might be on the lower threshold of the laser power adding to the failure.



You are right. The Bluecast I’m using takes a low laser power. Will use Peopoly resin and ramp up power.




did you use the settings from Blue Cast?



Yes. Only on the Moai though. I didn’t change the settings on Cura. I just used the gcode file as it is.




I have recently acquired a Moai printer and i want to use the Bluecast resin for jewelry casting.
Can you share with me the settings for successful printing with the Bluecast resin for the printer and also for Cura?
Thank you in advance!



Sure. I’m sending you a screen shot of my messenger chat with them. It’s a bit mixed up but self explanatory…


Let me know if I need to clarify any of this. I’ve not casted with it yet. Will do hopefully this week.

Ignore the “print same model”. Lol.



Thank you very much!
Unfortunately i also have these settings from them but they do not work for me at all…
The only thing is printed are a few first layers and then nothing and that is why i have asked you.
Bluecast is very good for casting, i was using it with a DLP 3D printer and i had best results!
I think that maybe i have to use bigger supports in my models, i will check and see…

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Yeah so I switched to the Peopoly neon green and this is what I got.

I can’t believe I couldn’t print the B post!

Looks like I am turning the printer upside down, right?



Try decreasing your Z reset like 4 and try it again. So if it was 1877 change it to 1873. You might need to make a nut adjustment but you shouldn’t have to flip the printer over.



I’m not keen on lowering the z reset at the moment. Really the vat should be levelled to match the other corners.

It’s a headache stripping away half the printer just to get to the adjustment screws. Really they should be topside.



Why? The point of the leveling check is to nail down what to adjust and get the corners to match. With a change to the Z reset the corner that didn’t print might work. Then you will have a number to adjust to. Right now you too much compression going on.

What are you running your laser at?

Have you seen these?



Okay. I’ll give it a go.

Laser is 57

Z reset is 1879 so you want me to lower to 1875?



Yes, that’s only 2 less than standard and nothing to be concerned about.



I used Evan’s settings from facebook, and the cura profile from bluecast facebook. Laser power is 50 and it looks great - especially for the first print. All the holes are open on the test ring and the lines are barely visible at 50um. two supports failed but I’ve seen much worse, let me know how it goes for you.

No special vat treatment for sticking to the build plate. Leveling posts came in at around 10.9mm using white peoresin, then cleaned the vat and put in the bluecast LS (the purple one). It’s much quieter at these slower motor speeds.

Below is a zip with the cura profile and the gcode (made using that profile) for a test ring that worked for me. Try these out.



Yes. I’m getting failed supports too. Only one or two though. I’m printing at .25 and it’s good resolution. You start to get less build lines when you up the Z reset value. I wouldn’t recommend it though, the object starts to look “thicker”.

I really wish there was a simpler way of calibration. Those screws really should have been on top. Ah well… great printer non the less.



i’m still at .50 and the build lines are almost not there. I think the failed supports on the test ring are because the base is so thin. for my own supports I’m using at least 1mm tall 4mm diameter bases for the supports.

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Yeah will attempt to thicken supports. I also found out my levelling wasn’t too great either. Hopefully prints will be a little more accurate now.

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Hi there,

Are you using BlueCast LS?

Can you tell me what settings you ended up with that produced good results at high res?

I have just ordered some. I am so done with Waxcast.




Hope this helps my man. Ignore the fifth line. I was exchanging messages with Stefano at Bluecast.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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