Odd Layer Error Leading to Print Failure


I encountered an layer skipping issue. I’ve had multiple successful prints on the printer but my most recent print has failed repeatedly due to layer skipping. Instead of starting on layer 2 like most of these errors, it goes from layer 1 to a random layer while displaying 0 total layers. For example, my most recent print skipped from 1 to 293, and the one before that skipped from 1 to 4000 or so (I’m doing a 20 micron print)

I think it might be caused by the sheer size of the print (it takes up almost the entire build plate) but I had already done another full build plate print and it worked fine.

Here’s an image of the model: (It looks like it could be off of the build area from this angle but it’s not)



It has nothing to do with build size. Try deep formatting the SD card with the recommended software (see Peopoly wiki) and if that doesn’t help it is probably a problem with the card reader (you can search this forum for more info on that).



as @Whazaa said, if there’s layer skipping, printing different file , overlapping gcodes,…
it’s indication that that SD card is corrupted , re-formatting will fix



Thanks! The deep formatting worked wonders.