Object bends and it has big gap lines

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I searched to fix this problem but I couldn’t find any good solution in Japanese sites,
so please advise me if anyone knows solution for this.
And please forgive me that I can’t speak good English.

As it shows, the object bends and has big layer lines.(picture1)

Maybe because of object bends, support is away from object.
I attach 50% setting of support and plus I added several supports lines (should be enough I think…)
And it should be like this.(picture2 click photo)

I use Phenom and Resin is Elegoo standard white.
The profile is like this.(picture3)

I beg to someone to advise me to fix this problem and hope to success printing this object…

Thank you very much.

it’s actually the opposite, because the support tip is not strong enough, the model dis-attach and got bent due to the peel motion.

is your model hollowed? how big are your vent holes? where did you place them?

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Ok, I understood. I chose “Heavy” in the support settings, but you mean it was not enough.
Maybe I should change “Upper diameter” thicker?
And do you recommend also make thicker “Top > Lower diameter” and “Middle > Diameter” to make all support lines thicker?

Inside of the model is hollowed, like this picture. Just look like bamboo.

Thank you very much.

you would also need vent holes, 2.5mm diameter holes is minimum
you can reference the thickness of support in Asura to set up in Chitubox


  1. Please choose heavy support. Other support settings can be selected as default settings. If this phenomenon still occurs, the contact depth can be increased a bit when the top support is set.
  2. Remember to add drain holes.
    Please choose the resin printing recommended by peopoly, not only to ensure the success rate of printing, but also to increase the service life of the LCD screen