Obj file compatibility question

Hey guys im new to the forum and could really use some advise before I go and purchase files I cant print. There are files on turbosquid that are really meant for animation and stuff but are obj files and i seen something about objs and chitubox. Thanks in advance for any help.

File format doesn’t determine printabilit8y.
You can always convert obj to stl. What you care about is level of detail at scale, unwelded vertices, and intersecting faces.
Many models made for animation may not be optimized well for printing.
There are software packages that can attempt to repair files and make them better suited to printing but that doesn’t always work.
If you’re not experienced enough to know what’s printable you may have some Work ahead of you and I’d recommend starting with simpler models that are optimized for printing.
Printing as a hobby can be a really satisfying and rewarding way to build your skill set but you need to love it to put in the work and remember to learn from your mistakes.
I had quite the collection of “plastic piles of learning” in the early days.

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