Nova3D Rigid Resin: Has anyone tried this?


Just picked up Nova3D grey rigid resin off of Amazon, 2 500ml bottles for $18 each. Does anyone else have any experience with these? I’m worried that it’s cheap due to the MSDS hiding something nasty or this ink being a pain to work with.


That is used with a LCD based printer so it will be very reactive. Have an extra vat ready because you’ll probably burn one up testing if you can find the right exposure.
I would recommend starting with the Peopoly resins until you get the hang of things before venturing on to unknown resins.

Here is a guide for finding the right exposure.


It’s just an ink I picked up to use after I run out of the Peopoly and MakerJuice stash I grabbed with the Moai. It’ll be a while before I test it myself but good to know it’s on the reactive side, will try low and slow if I ever get to messing with it. Thanks Lyndondr.


even low and slow do to change the fact that these resins release a lot of heat and can be brutal on PDMS. it is designed for FEP based LCD printers