Not printing after pausing

Just updated my firmware on my L and during the first print I paused the print after about 15 layers to make sure I had bed adhesion since I had to reset my Z axis. Everything was great I resumed the print and went on my way.

Checked in 5 hours later and there’s it looks like there’s nothing on the bed and I’m expecting a mess in my vat. Instead I find the first 15 layers still properly adhered to my bed and only liquid resin in my vat. The machine is warm so the UV lights must have been kicking on. I have another print going now to see how it turns out. I’m hoping that it isn’t a screen failure but the timing seems too coincidental or I would have pulled the vat and ran a test right away.

Has anyone else had this happen after pausing a print?

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Well turns out it was a coincidence. Second print didn’t do anything. Restarted the machine and tried the calibration/running a print with no vat. Screen is dead, it’s got around 300 hours on it so sounds about right.

Edit: Replaced the screen, all is well again.

If the exposure calibration does not display normally, the screen may be degraded and needs to be replaced. Screens, FEP films, resins, etc. are consumables, so it is recommended to keep some spare parts.