Noir Prints Screen Issue: Multiple Vertical Lines

Hi Peopoly

I’ve got an issue with my noir. After a failed test print and cleaning up the vat. I did a calibration print after and this was the result. Please note I’ve had several successful prints before the failed print.


I was printing the test Peopoly Model to calibrate the machine with the grid of cubes.

Could a faulty screen or machine be the cause of the problem? I also did some calibration tests where the rectangle is supposed to show up on the screen but no rectangles appeared.

I purchased the Peopoly Noir from 3D Printer Gear on 13th of August and have less than 70 hours of use on the Noir so I don’t understand how the screen could have burnt out so quickly and require replacement considering the fact it is a Monochrome Screen.

I don’t think it’s an exposure or print settings issue cause theres no way changes in exposure times could result in such a significant change from the intended print to the results.


This was the file I was attempting to print

Given the vast difference between what you appear to be trying to print and the random bars on the screen, it’s probably worth doing a dry run, ie: without the vat or print bed in the machine to see what’s appearing on the screen. Probably want to wear eye-protection.

If you’re just getting random bars on the screen, might be worth checking the internal connections of the screen to the board, etc.

Hi Jeby, I’ve given that a go and can confirm that the dry run test rectangle does not appear when doing the calibration.

Is it hard to open up and secure the internal wiring or is it very delicate and easy to damage and voids the warranty?

Thanks for your answer

Has been followed up in the email