Noir printer curing entire resin tank

Hello, we have just purchased a Noir at work to upgrade the size of resin printing we are doing. We also have a Formlabs 2 and an Elegoo Mars. When I have tried to run the test print provided with the machine using the Chitubox templates for the Noir and the Blu material, 12 of the boxes didn’t stay attached and the parts ended up not very detailed (filled in) and very soft. I reviewed the layer timing which was 10s for bottom layers and 2.5s for print layers. I went to Sirayatech’s website and their guide for the Noir said 50s for bottom time and 15s for each layer.
When I used the recommended cure times, the print comes out with web cured layers and the bottom of the tank is covered entirely in cured resin. The longer the print, the more cured resin over the bottom of the tank.
I ran the images of the test print without the tank or platform and was surprised at the amount of “leakage” of UV light through the masked areas of the image. I don’t see how you could get a clean print with that much excess UV hitting the non-printed areas on every layer.
I have a call into Matterhackers where I bought the machine, but I thought I might see what Peopoly or other users might know regarding this issue.

If you are using the resin printing recommended by peopoly, it has built-in parameter settings in the chitubox software, please select the correct resin parameters for printing.

2.5 is probably over exposure… my average layer time with a monochrome screen is about 1.75, and that is with a black resin. That 50/15 actually sounds more like a non-mono layering time. I wish I had a Noir so that I could better help.

Thank you, I’m learning quickly how much impact that the monochrome screen has. I finally got a successful test print at 20/4. Now that I’ve had some success I’ll reduce the time further. Also I’m looking into warming the print chamber. The room temp I’m printing at is 72F. The Sirayatech resin suggests closer to 80F+. Matterhackers also confirmed that I was significantly overexposing the layers. Which black resin are you printing? The Noir seems somewhat limited on approved resins at this point, and it is near impossible to get the Deft resin.

Thanks. Matterhackers gave me their material time charts for the Noir and I think I’m a lot closer to successful printing now. It does match up with the built in profile for the Blu resin. I didn’t have success on my first test print with that profile. I think if I increase the bottom time a little to improve plate adhesion I will be able to print at the 2.5s layer times.