NOIR & Monocure3D Rapid Resin


I just got my NOIR a few weeks ago and was told that I could use Monocure3D Rapid as Deft was in short (non existent really) supply at the time. So I ended up with 30 liters of Rapid Gray and Clear. Yah slight lifetime supply, so aside from the fact the company was paying for it I was now stuck making it work lol.

I started off trying the Deft settings but the layers separated. Finally I was suggested to start with the following settings.

Layer height .05
Bottom Layers 6
Layer exposure 6
Bottom Layer exposure 50
Light off delay 0
Bottom Light off delay 0
Bottom lift distance 15
Lift distance 15
Bottom lift speed 32
Lift speed 32
Retract speed 150

This worked on the first try. It is a little slower than I would like but I am still trying to find the optimal settings so maybe be able to speed it up.

I noticed a few people asking about using Monocure on the NOIR so thought this might help. Please let me know if you get any better numbers.


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Many resins like Elegoo/Monocure were originally developed for small 5.5 LCD printers, which are cheap to replace and therefore often cause the panel to overheat too quickly. But on a large printer like Phenom, it is recommended to use the resin recommended by peopoly to print, not only the printing success rate is much higher, but also less damage to the screen. Improper use of resin resin will accelerate the damage of the screen. It also wastes resin.

Monocure is an interesting one, 30L is quite a lot given that resin does kinda have a shelf life (not that i’ve really run into that issue). I’ve been trying to get their standard (and no longer for sale) resin working properly in my moai for a little while.

Should be mentioned for those looking at monocure that they have a resin designed specifically for big MSLA printers now that might be a better choice for some.

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Unfortunately mine is a bit of a unique situation. I am making medical molds that barely fit in the NOIR. So they use a wee bit of resin. At the time I had to prepay just to make sure I got the machine then found Deft supply was and is still non existent. Rapid is what the seller and later verified by John at Monocure was supposedly the best setup. They mentioned just last week that Tuff might be better. It’s not actually as clear cut as to what options you have until you look at the complete picture. I am sure if all I was doing was making masks or figures anything that hardened would work. As is I have a spare screen etc figuring it will need premature replacement. The NOIR is doing the work of a commercial grade printer that is north of $100k so I am happy at being able to do this now instead o waiting another 6 months for that to show. And yes using most of the Rapid to print a 1/60 Saturn V is just a romour :slight_smile: