Noir Full curing


I’m having an issue on the Noir where the backside of the platform fully cures the bottem layers.
This has always been a slight issue but it seems to get worse, see attached images.
Is this because of the masking screen not properly working or am I overexposing?!

Depending on the resin, I’m also getting a leftover film on the FEP.
There is always some but quantity depends on the resin.

For any printing failure, first check whether the screen is normal, and share the exposure calibration picture. If you need further help, please contact us by email.

See attachment
The black resin is a previous one with longer exposure times but had the same “curl” on the back
Never did the exposure test before, so not sure what’s “normal”
But looks like the rectangle has a gradient to it

This is the screen manual, please check the screen by exposure calibration

I find this to be an odd situation.
When I do the rectangle half is not clearly visible I would say with the back line completly missing.
Launched another print today, split, to see if the entire backside would harden but that’s not the case.
So only the parts that are placed on the backside of the platform harden solid, disregarding the shape of the objects.

Suggestions on what to try / can be the issue for this?

Judging from the exposure calibration picture, the screen has begun to decline and needs to be replaced