Noir Buildup in Vat failing prints

I have been printing with the Noir for quite some time now. An ongoing issue I have had is buildup in the vat during the print.

I can start with new fep / new resin and by the time the print is 200mm tall there will be a film starting on the fep that gets peeled away with the print (ugly) and sometimes gets under the print as it comes back down (fails the print)

Ive only seen this with other printers when the LEDs are turned up to 100% but seeing as how there is no PWM control of the LEDs on the noir I am not sure what to do?

Extra info this was not an issue with the original LCD, its only been an issue since the LCD was replaced. Replacement LCD works correctly and will make great prints it just seems like it is letting to much light through in the masked portion. Issue seems to be progressive and getting worse over time. Printing with Siraya tech fast. 2.2 seconds per layer.

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