No Good Print Liqcreate Tough-X SLA Resin

Hello, I have been trying to print with Liqcreate Tough-X resin with no success. I always end up with some layers on the build plate and stuck on the FEP vat. Pictures and set up are below. Can someone help me figure out what I need to do?

it looks like it’s under-cured, i recommend increasing the laser power and use a different/smaller model to test.

Thank you for the help! I have tried 4 laser settings. 53, 58, 100, and 200(max). All the same result.

Unfortunately this is not a resin that we are familiar with. So you would have to find the best laser power for it. But please stay below laser power 60, above that and it can cause damage to your vat. You can test from 40 laser power using the pre-sliced gcodes that came with the SD card.

Ok, I understand. My next step will be changing the print speed. Can I change the print speed on the Moai screen or do I have to change it another way? Assura doesn’t have print sped settings. I looked at using the latest version of Cura, but it has settings that are only meant for FDM printers. How can I change the print speed settigs?

adjusting the travel speed in Cura will do it, the maximum speed for the laser is 300mm/s but it’s best to keep it at 100mm/s

Ok, thanks! So if I open Cura with the Peopoly Moai profile, I only have to change the print speed. All the other settings are right? My thought being if I turn print speed down to 50mm/s and reduce laser power, as you recommend, maybe it will cure?

i can not say that lowering the speed will successfully cure the resin. This is an exotic type of resin for us.
But other than the travel speed, it’s best to leave the other settings be unless you know what you are doing. Cura can be confusing with the amount of settings you can adjust.