Nex or Classic?

I can’t find this answer ?
What is the best situable for between Nex and Classic resin from Peopoly ?


  • easy to use

  • high success rate


  • very low life span => expensive for long term use

  • can not produce high quality prints with Nex or other low power SLA resins

  • quickly damaged if printing using LCD resin

pros: - compatible with large variety of resin type
- long life span
- easy to replace

  • hard to get used to

  • longer pre-print set up

  • require maintenance regularly

I recommend Nex if you have FEP, classic if you have PDMS

i think the question is regarding resin.

FEP is compatible with DLP resin ?
So to be quiet it good to stay with PDMS and classic resin right ?

classic is "Peopoly Model Resin right ?


yes, but changing to FEP is more recommended even though it’s may have some problems getting used to but in long-term it would save you a lot of money for repair

I print on PDMS on my Moai and FEP on my Photon.

For the Moai, I mix 30% NEX with 70% Classic. I have found this to print well and be less brittle than 100% classic.